I was fortunate enough to work with the Women in Business Forum which tasked me with running three focus groups on Millennials and Gen Z workers to understand how attitudes to work are changing and what expectations they have for their career and specifically, the role that women’s networks might play in all this. I presented these findings to the group at Buckingham Palace chaired by the Countess of Wessex.

Of the contributions from the focus groups, these I thought were particularly illuminating:

‘I don’t think any of us will ever be financially stable’ female, 17

‘I have been here 6-7 years and I’ve changed jobs five times’ female, early thirties

‘I don’t think we shall have a choice to have babies earlier; I don’t think we will have made enough dosh to have kids. My worry is that I shall leave it too late. Hopefully I shall accidentally get pregnant and just do it’ female, 18

‘we will be working longer than our parents so shared parental leave should be allowed’ male, mid-twenties