I spent three hours filming today with Octopus Investments addressing Financial Advisors at the Octopus Live event as to how they can best address the Great Wealth Transfer. One in five Baby boomers in the UK is a millionaire and will soon be passing down that inheritance to their children – if they havent done so already. IFAs have been living off the baby boomer buck for a long time and that period is coming to an end. In order to secure for the future, they need to start engaging with families not just clients, making plans for the millennial children and thinking about creative ways in which they are able to engage with them. They will require different modes of communication and have different understandings of financial security than their baby boomer forebears. All signs are Millennials want to break financially free from their parents and feel infantalised by the bank of mum and dad, perhaps this is the time to speak to them as adults!