Author: Eliza Filby

KPMG, Newcastle, 27th March 2019

In Newcastle speaking to KPMG staff and clients about the changing nature of society and how it may impact local businesses from the rise of millennial family business travel to the changing nature of home furniture buying with more people working from...

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Filming for Octopus Live, Great Wealth Transfer, 26th March 2019

I spent three hours filming today with Octopus Investments addressing Financial Advisors at the Octopus Live event as to how they can best address the Great Wealth Transfer. One in five Baby boomers in the UK is a millionaire and will soon be passing down that inheritance to their children – if they havent done so already. IFAs have been living off the baby boomer buck for a long time and that period is coming to an end. In order to secure for the future, they need to start engaging with families not just clients, making plans for the...

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Women’s Executive and Finance Forum, Wimpole St, 22nd March 2019

To Wimpole Street this morning to give a talk about the multi-generational workforce and to answer questions on how the generation gap can successfully be addressed. Some fascinating questions from the floor How can senior managers operate differently to harness the newer tech/verbal skills of their younger teams and encourage and motivate? What’s the best way to check over-confidence without damaging it? Technology. Any thoughts on useful workflow or project management technology for older generations to try/engage with which might bridge the communications gap between boomers/Millennials and Generation Z? One lasting comment which I think was really interesting was that one of the consequences of flexible working is that people tend to confuse flexible e-mail responding to flexible working. Answering emails, as we know, is not actually working and concentrating and tends to create more work than it...

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