I am a regular panellist on Sky News’ Press Review. I have acted as a historical commentator covering various aspects of  contemporary values, trends and intergenerational issues for BBC News, Radio 4, Radio 3, BBC World Service, Sky News, LBC and BBC’s Daily Politics as well as international broadcasters in Russia, Spain, China and North America.



Is there a Culture War in the UK? Radio 3, 22nd Feb

Listen here  to hear me debating with the Spectator’s Alex Massie and Leicester-based teacher Tarjinder Gill on whether there is a Culture War in the UK. Yes, I argue. And its generational. But it is not as bad as it was in the ’80s or ’60s, just appears so because of social media.

The Nature of Social Conservatism, Free Thinking, Radio 3

Delighted to join Philip Blond, Simon Heffer and New Generation winner Tom Simpson to assess the nature and future of social conservatism in Britain. Does social conservatism mean regulating the individual, preserving the family or conserving communities?  You can listen here

‘History of Protest’ BBC Four

Lovely meeting the artist Bob and Roberta Smith. He was interviewing me on the differences between protests across the generations from the hippies to the Occupy movement for his documentary on the history of protest for BBC Four.

History of Protest, Bob and Roberta Smith, BBC Four

‘Bob and Roberta Smith, an artist known for eye-catching placards with slogans like ‘Make Art Not War’, has for years waged his own eccentric political campaigns. In recent years, he’d begun to lose faith in protest but suddenly it’s all the rage. From the Brexit vote to Black Lives Matter it seems the world is reclaiming its right to protest. In this film, Bob sets out to discover what’s getting everyone so angry in a wry, opinionated and passionate investigation into our age of activism.’ See the full programme on iplayer here