Speaking and Consultancy

“How to Engage with Millennial Investors’, F&C Investment Fund 150th Anniversary, London, March 2018 


I have lectured at some of the world’s leading universities including LSE, Cambridge and Harvard and at some of the world’s leading businesses from VICE media to Barclay’s Bank and at some of the premier business forums from the FT’s 125 Club to the Women’s Network Forum as well as the EU’s Human Rights Forum and the Conservative Party Philosophy Group.  I have applied my research to a range of topics from Millennials and ethical investing, Gen Z and book reading, Babyboomers and inheritance, internal comms in a multi-generational workspace and recruiting Generation Z.

I offer tailored talks, reports and consultancy which rooted in data, global perspective, good practise and historical context.  I help businesses get to grips not just with their millennial and Gen Z employees and client base but with the ‘Generation Gap’ in their office and market: how are the different generations operating within the company and consumer sphere and what practical things can be done to harmonise these relations and maximise this opportunity?

Key topics:

How demographics will dominate your business over the next 20 years
 Maturing Millennials: Savers, Parents and Managers
 Move aside Millennials, here comes Gen Z
 The rise of the Multi-Gen consumer
 Generational Intelligence in the workplace
 The New Age of Old Age
Past Projects:
Updating the recruitment milk round for Gen Z
Redesigning training for mature employees
Creating a multi-generational workspace
How to turn fickle Millennials into loyal customers
Millennial parenting

        How are Generation Z different from Millennials? The Bookseller Conference, December 2017


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‘Eliza Filby is the UK’s leading voice on inter-generational issues. Her work is not only groundbreaking it is also, due to her outstanding presentational style, highly accessible. Issues only groundbreaking it is also, due to her outstanding presentational style, highly accessible. Issues pertaining to people and the future of talent are mission critical to the future of organisations. It is her ability to see the opportunities rather than problems from this that distinguishes Eliza as a clear voice on how to understand and adapt to change. The best speaker I have listened to on this issue.’

‘Eliza not only has a superb command of the Millennials issue, but is a clear, engaging and witty speaker. She held the attention of a diverse audience of senior wealth and asset management professionals and handled the Q&A in a spontaneous and lively manner. Eliza combines academic rigour with the practical experience of a successful businesswoman. It’s a winning combination.’ Stephen Barber, Head of Group Communications, the Pictet Group

“Eliza gave an incredibly interesting and insightful explanation of what businesses need to know about Generation Z and how they differ from millennials, to a highly attentive and engaged audience of Chairmen from FTSE100 businesses.”Mike Hepburn – Director of Financial Times 125

  ‘Eliza gave the opening keynote at the FutureBook conference in December 2017, and she was a huge success. The speech absolutely fitted our brief – Eliza expertly tailored her insights into inter-generational behaviours, and Gen Z in particular, to be relevant and helpful for the book trade. Her presentation style was clear and energised, her attitude passionate and professional, and I’d work again with her in a heartbeat.’ Molly Flatt, Associate Editor, The Bookseller | FutureBook



‘Eliza has an exceptional ability to help senior executives in their 40’s and 50’s ‘+’ understand the value-systems and life-aspirations that drive millennial and generation z  workplace behaviour; what to accommodate and what not to indulge.’  Peter O’Kane, Chairman Strategy International, the UK’s leading C-level private business network



‘Eliza has an exceptional grasp of what is happening intergenerationally – the Gens X, Y and Z especially. She has complete grasp of her data whilst being an excellent warm communicator.’ Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder of Editorial Intelligence and author of Fully Connected



‘It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Eliza. The Millennials project was both inspiring and enlightening and her findings have been invaluable to TONI&GUY and label.m. Eliza’s approach worked really well with us as a company and was very well received by all of my team; we have loved working with her.’Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Global Creative Director, Toni & Guy, Label.M



‘It is a near impossible feat to talk about millennials or marketing without sounding ignorant or patronising. Dr Eliza Filby is fresh, compelling and relevant. She is able to command her audience’s attention with ease and her insights leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.’ Richard Ascott, Creative Agency, JustSoLondon


London Active Summit, Millennials and the Future of Ethical Investing, 1st October 2018

Interesting day talking at the London Active Summit about why Millennials are drawn to ethical investments and why it will come to define the investment industry as Millennials get older.

55% of investors claim that they would like their money to go on impact investing however 73% have never been offered such investments. When will the time come when ‘ethical investing’ will just be called ‘investing’? I was drawn to making four key points: 

  1. Why Millennial ethical priorities won’t diminish as they get older
  2. Why Millennials are a different breed of investors to previous generations
  3. Why Millennials will favour active rather than passive investments
  4. And how Millennials will expect the industry to evolve over the next ten years

Last year, the head of Blackrock, Larry Fink, in his annual letter to CEO’s, made the point that profit can’t come at the expense of purpose – he’s right. 

‘Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.’


Millennials, as the Financial Crash generation, believe this to their core.

EU Human Rights Forum, Vienna ‘Teenagers and Technology’ 25th September 2018

A day in Vienna speaking at the EU Human Rights Forum about teenagers and tech. The kids have much greater sense of privacy/data than adults – its the parents we should be worried about. Frightening to hear of companies in US monitoring phones in schools and surveillance in Chinese schools monitoring kids’ attention though. Gen Z will not put up with being monitored at work and at home with voice and camera recognition. They are too protective of their privacy. 

How Demographics Will Change your Business, Pictet Entrepreneur Summit, Geneva, 31st August 2018

A real privilege to speak at Pictet’s Entrepreneur summit in Geneva yesterday. Some memorable contributions from Yascha Mounk on his new book ‘The People Verses Democracy’, Jamie Bartlett on Cambridge Analytica as well as a wealth of speeches on everything innovation related from IVF treatments, blockchain, automation and robots. I spoke on demographic trends over next 15 yrs – ageing and ageless society, rise of GenZ, multi-generational families, female fertility rates and how businesses can invest in these changes and plan for the future….

Square Mile Event, 25th June 2018

To the Square Mile Investment consulting company to help them get to grips with the Millennial Generation – what do they value, what do they prioritise and how will they be investing their money in the future? The key issue facing the industry is the transference of wealth from Babyboomers to their Millennial children – how can this be navigated? And what will the ramifications be?

VICE Media: How are Generation Z consuming media? 26th June 2018

To VICE media for their Adobe Creative Jam to talk about how Gen Z are consuming media. Adobe are partnering with VICE on Project Rush – an amazing video editing app which will bring a whole new level of creativity and professionalism to news on the go! Gen Z are a breed of broadcasters who have been video and photo documenting their lives since their were 12-13, for VICE to get to the next stage, they need to embrace the Snap Generation and put the power in their hands. Co-creation is the way forward!

City Wire Next Gen Event 19th June

To Knightsbridge for CityWire’s Next Gen Forum to discuss how investors can engage with Millennial generation – Millennials will not expereince the classic three stage life of Babyboomers, but will have a much more multi-stage, agile life cycle. The question is, can the industry, which has been living off the Babyboomer Buck for too long, adapt to the next Generation? Full report here