I have lectured at some of the world’s leading universities including LSE, Cambridge and Harvard. I have disseminated my research to varied audiences from senior executive business leaders to Church of England priests, from hedge-funders to hairdressers. Since 2015 I have been delivering talks on my chief area of expertise: the Generation Gap.

In the age of artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence (i.e. understanding people) is paramount. I help businesses get to grips not just with their millennial and Gen Z employees but with the ‘Generation Gap’ in their office: how are the different generations operating within the company and what practical things can be done to harmonise these relations?

I offer tailored talks rooted in data, global perspective and historical context enabling companies to rethink their recruitment and retention strategies. I’m there to smash preconceptions, get the audience thinking and give an outsider’s perspective on what is an increasingly challenging issue for business.

In an age of rising expectations ushered in by digital media, it is a truism that employers need to treat their employees like consumers and their consumers like employees. Nowhere is this more important than when dealing with the new kid on the block: Gen Z. I work with companies and agencies who want to understand the under 20s: their tastes, habits and values. How are they different from Millennials? How will they mature as consumers, voters, workers?

The fact is however that there are more multi-generational households in the UK than their has been since World War Two while it is the over-60s not the under-30s who have the most disposable income and leisure time. It is therefore foolish to prioritise one generation over another. Multi-generational politics, consumption and households are becoming the new normal and businesses need to learn to ‘talk’ across the generations.

        How are Generation Z different from Millennials? The Bookseller Conference, December 2017


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‘Eliza not only has a superb command of the Millennials issue, but is a clear, engaging and witty speaker. She held the attention of a diverse audience of senior wealth and asset management professionals and handled the Q&A in a spontaneous and lively manner. Eliza combines academic rigour with the practical experience of a successful businesswoman. It’s a winning combination.’ Stephen Barber, Head of Group Communications, the Pictet Group

‘Eliza has an exceptional grasp of what is happening intergenerationally – the Gens X, Y and Z especially. She has complete grasp of her data whilst being an excellent warm communicator.’ Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder of Editorial Intelligence and author of Fully Connected

‘It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Eliza. The Millennials project was both inspiring and enlightening and her findings have been invaluable to TONI&GUY and label.m. Eliza’s approach worked really well with us as a company and was very well received by all of my team and we have loved working with her. Each individual who attended the Millennials project came away with an entirely positive outlook on a variety of situations & I can truly say it’s made our company even more encouraged to continue to succeed.’ Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Global Creative Director, Toni & Guy, Label.M

‘Eliza has an exceptional ability to help senior executives in their 40’s and 50’s ‘+’ understand the value-systems and life-aspirations that drive millennial and generation z  workplace behaviour; what to accommodate and what not to indulge.’ Peter O’Kane, Chairman Strategy International, the UK’s leading C-level private business network

‘It is a near impossible feat to talk about millennials or marketing without sounding ignorant or patronising. Dr Eliza Filby is fresh, compelling and relevant. She is able to command her audience’s attention with ease and her insights leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.’ Richard Ascott, Creative Agency, JustSoLondon

‘Eliza was entertaining, engaging and relevant and I would not hesitate to recommend her for other speaking engagements.’ Kate Owen, Financial and Business Risk, Thomson Reuters

‘Eliza gave the opening keynote at the FutureBook conference in December 2017, and she was a huge success. The speech absolutely fitted our brief – Eliza expertly tailored her insights into inter-generational behaviours, and Gen Z in particular, to be relevant and helpful for the book trade. Her presentation style was clear and energised, her attitude passionate and professional, and I’d work again with her in a heartbeat.’ Molly Flatt, Associate Editor, The Bookseller | FutureBook


F&C Investment Trust 150th Anniversary, Guildhall London: Millennials and Money

I had the great pleasure of contributing to F&C Investment Trust’s 150 anniversary last week in the Guildhall. Following the great Professor Yuval Harari (no pressure!), I spoke about Millennials and money. What makes Millennials distinct in their spending and saving habits? How can the savings and investment industry attract the next generation of investors?

Here are some of the highlights

Millennials: Youthquake or Snowflake? Battle of Ideas, Barbican, October 2017

Are the adults of tomorrow over-anxious snowflakes masquerading as a youthquake? Or is their pursuit of a different sort of politics – putting emotion and morality before ideology and policy – exactly the kind of shake up Western politics has been waiting for? I put forward my understanding of the issues at the brilliant conference Battle of Ideas at the Barbican.


How Gen Z consume media, Futurebook Conference, Dec 2017

 Great fun at the FutureBook conference on December 1st talking about how Gen Z consume media and how the publishing industry can appeal to them. Books can be the ‘safe space’ that the digitally overloaded generation crave.

One Day Workshop with IHG: How to Manage and Market to Millennials

Challenging but fun day working with global hotelier brand IHG (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza etc.)  helping them with their millennial strategy. The hotel industry has been shaken up by Airbnb – the onus is on the bigger brands to respond. How can they adapt their technology, service and message to meet with millennial expectations?

Address to the ‘D’ Group, London

It was a pleasure addressing the D Group (the leading private board and C-level strategic business network in the U.K.) for their monthly dinner on the subject of millennials and Gen Z in the workplace.

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