Dr Eliza Filby

Speaker, Writer, Consultant

Generations Expert, Historian of Contemporary Values

I’m an academic, speaker and broadcaster specialising in Generational Intelligence.  I am currently writing a book on the history of generations and I also give speeches and act as a consultant for companies dealing with a challenging multi-generational environment from recruiting Gen Z to retaining Millennial talent through to practical tips on how to deal with a multi-generational client or employee base.

 For the first time in history we have four different generations competing in the workplace and marketplace, all with separate ways of working, communicating and expectations of these relationships.

Forget the outdated emphasis on Millennials, the biggest challenge facing business now is how to manage and maintain a multi-generational and diverse workforce and consumer-base.

The types of questions I research include:

 How can we engage with Millennials as they move to becoming savers, parents, managers?

What can policymakers and business do to aid the inevitable and unprecendented transference of wealth and assets from Babyboomers to their Millennial kids? 

Who are the New Kids on the Block – Gen Z; and how can business engage with them?

If Babyboomers upload the most to Facebook, how are they redefining what it means to be ‘old’?

Why are Generation X the hardest to retain in the workplace and the most ignored demographic in the market place?

Why do millennials in Asia have more in common with Babyboomers than their Millennials peers in the West?

I work with companies wishing to market and manage across the generations.

I have advised companies from private banks to magic circle law firms, from the beauty industry to government departments.
Past clients include: Barclays Bank, Pictet Bank; F&C Investment Trust; RGM International; Bank of Montreal, the UK’s Ministry of Defence; global hotel group, IHG; publishing industry bible ‘The Bookseller’;  VICE media, global hairdressing brand, Toni& Guy; and leading manufacturer, Procter and Gamble.

As someone who has lectured and researched this topic for a number of years, has taught Millennials and Gen Z undergrads in China as well as the UK, and also co-runs a graduate training business, I have a pretty good idea of how the landscape is changing.












“Eliza not only has a superb command of the Millennials issue, but is a clear, engaging and witty speaker. She held the attention of a diverse audience of senior wealth and asset management professionals and handled the Q&A in a spontaneous and lively manner. Eliza combines academic rigour with the practical experience of a successful businesswoman. It’s a winning combination.”

Stephen Barber, Head of Group Communications, the Pictet Private Bank Group







“Eliza’s insightful and engaging presentation to over 130 corporate communicators left us wanting more. She merged academic theory and research together seamlessly with real examples to which we could all relate, both at a personal and professional level. Eliza’s presentation has been a talking point ever since and has created quite the buzz – thank you!” 

Stephen Doherty, Managing Director, Barclays Corporate Relations



‘Eliza recently spoke at a high profile, landmark event for our Company with a brief to deliver a keynote speech on how to engage the next generation of investors. In front of a diverse audience of shareholders, investment industry professionals, Board members and schoolchildren she proved to be a highly engaging, provocative and insightful speaker. The feedback on her session has been fantastic.’ 

        Paul Niven, Head of Multi-Asset Investment, F & C Investment Fund








Eliza has an exceptional grasp of what is happening intergenerationally – the Gens X, Y and Z especially. She has complete grasp of her data whilst being an excellent warm communicator.”

Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder of Editorial Intelligence and author of Fully Connected





‘Eliza gave an incredibly interesting and insightful explanation of what businesses need to know about Generation Z and how they differ from Millennials, to a highly attentive and engaged audience of Chairmen from FTSE100 businesses.’

Mike Hepburn, Director of Financial Times 125







‘It is a near impossible feat to talk about millennials or marketing without sounding ignorant or patronising. Dr Eliza Filby is fresh, compelling and relevant. She is able to command her audience’s attention with ease and her insights leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.’

Richard Ascott, Managing Director, Just So London









‘It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Eliza. The Millennials project was both inspiring and enlightening and her findings have been invaluable to TONI&GUY and label.m. Eliza’s approach worked really well with us as a company and was very well received by all of my team. We have loved working with her.’

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Global Creative Director, Toni & Guy, Label.M